thai 001

Thai Spirit House. Delightful, ornate miniature temples which are found outside Thai homes.  Ancestors are believed to reside here. Every day incense is lit and someone in the family puts fresh water in the Spirit House, maybe an orange or flowers or other gifts. The rituals are part of a rich spiritual tradition, and perhaps they’re partly superstitious–if the ancestors are kept happy in their little home, they won’t meddle or interfere in the family’s present day affairs.


4 thoughts on “Thailand

      • I absolutely loved Cambodia. I never did get round to writing a blog about it though, which I should have done! Everything you hear about Thailand (beautiful scenery, great beaches and islands, friendly people, wonderful history and architecture etc), you get in Cambodia – only cheaper! And there is less of the ‘party’ vibe you get with Thailand. Though I think this will change in the next 5 – 10 years.I would highly recommend visiting if you can :D


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