Arctic whiteouts

For a bunch of years I was a camp cook in extremely remote locations. When the discovery of diamonds in the Arctic prompted a modern-day gold rush I decided to go. In one camp operated by DeBeers, employees were required to sign confidentiality waivers. This camp was the furthest north I got, which was a 20-minute helicopter ride to the Beaufort Sea.

arctic 003

The tent shacks are erected in a straight line. In “winter”, a thick rope must be slung between them, otherwise one can easily get lost, the storms can be that extreme. When there’s a whiteout, you exit one shack, grab the rope, and feel your way to the next tent shack.

arctic 001


5 thoughts on “Arctic whiteouts

      • What? 42? my god woman. Now that is an excuse for not traveling alone! were you there alone? (I prefer to travel alone myself). These moments , I think, make you feel that you are alive. Thanks for this info Shellie :) gretige from the Netherlands – 14 celcis right now


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