boots on the ground

While traveling with backpack–especially when one is solo and most open to random encounters– you can meet the most fascinating people. One day I was poking around a recently-discovered Mayan archaeological site and met a young woman dressed in fatigues.


We sat on the stones and she told me some of her story: European born, a sometimes translator for the UN in France, found herself in Central America, got involved in a resistance movement and became a smuggler of cash for their cause, among other activities. She allowed me to take a photo of her boots.





In 1994, Queen Elizabeth visited Belize for the final piece of official business of de-colonization: the removal of British troops from Belizian soil.


Antigua, Guatemala


My favourite fountain of Central America.


rain or shine


I believe the umbrella’s image is of Farrah Fawcett.

making salt


advertising confusion

airline ad

Is it a whale? Is it a banana? No, it’s an airplane. Shot taken in Central America, early 90s.

Big Lady

big lady

Somewhere in Central America, can’t recall. No idea what this was about but given the amount of dirt on her hem, she’d been there a while. Mama Mañana.