active volcano


Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica


how to spoil a hike

On a back road in Costa Rica, 1994. You don’t want to mess with Africanized bees.




logging in Costa Rica

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Palm oil factory in Costa Rica

Palm oil is that delicious and super-unhealthy saturated fat found in so many processed foods.  The extraction process begins here, with the palm kernels.

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And is processed in factories like this one. Chocolate bars usually contain palm oil — and because I have a weakness for them, it’s a fact I try hard to ignore.

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palm oil plantation

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Costa Rica, if memory serves.

Sugar Cane Juice stand

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The juice tasted punky and raw and smelled like sugar more than tasted like it.

San Jose, Costa Rica, mid-90s.

Open Roads

Four-wheel drive required.

Four-wheel drive required.

I have a thing about empty roads and getting off the beaten track.

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Somewhere on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.