Mayan girls


These photos were taken in the early 90s. If memory serves, the village was somewhere on the shores of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.



sugar cane field


When we travel we often don’t understand what we’re seeing. I took this shot in the early 90s because I simply liked the landscape, and now I find out that the indigenous Mayans in Guatemala are suffering because their arable land has been stolen to produce sugar for foreign markets. Argh, the world is a mess.

Jaguar Temple


Tikal, Guatemala. You need some good thigh muscles — not to mention reliable balance — for climbing those stairs.

bejeweled skeleton

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In keeping with Halloween and all things dead and mysterious, the skeleton of someone significant excavated from a temple tomb in Palenque, I believe (if only my memory from 25 years ago could be as well excavated!). The person must have been highly regarded and perhaps even feared. Brujeria maybe.

Chamula’s unusual church

This “Catholic” church in Chamula, Chiapas, was unique in that the indigenous peoples had taken over the church, removed the Catholic presence and grafted their own spiritual beliefs onto it. For instance, we sat in on a service and watched a curandero (medicine man) slit the throat of a chicken.


The altar was devoid of religious iconography and instead there were strings of coloured lights. Encased in glass displays running down both side walls were dusty, withered Spanish and Catholic figures. Photographs inside the church were strictly forbidden, on the point of death.


Mayan temple at Tulum, Quintana Roo

Mayan temple at Tulum, Quintana Roo

Guatemala, early 90s

Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, early 90s