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Is there a word for the base of a waterfall where the water churns with so much force that it never gives the body back?



little shepherd

little shepherd

Monte Alban area, Oaxaca. Sorry the photo is a bit blurred. In that moment Time struck me: this boy is the most recent in a long, long line of shepherders.

bedside table



This shot was taken 20+ years ago and it seems like yesterday. A hotel right on the zocalo (town square) after a long day of various adventures in and around Oaxaca. We’re happily exhausted, having a Negro Modelo beer and listening to the BBC News on shortwave radio.

2000 year old tree


photo by C.B.

This Árbor del Tule is located in the little town of Santa Maria del Tule, near Oaxaca, Mexico.

Monte Alban


Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico, is a UNESCO world heritage site that was inhabited for over 1500 years by Mixtec, Olmec and Zapotec peoples. 


The road to Yagul


And it’s Rad Radish Sunday.

More photos from the spectacle of Oaxaca’s Noche de Rabanos, or Night of the Radishes, when the spicy root becomes folk art.

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I love how intricate and detailed the carving can be.

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Or not. Some of the carvings retain the radish’s radishness.

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And others, like this exhibit with its musicians and dancers, revel in celebration.