the same old manure

Now I’ve seen it all. Are we still living in the 1950s? Currently for sale in a local store and I let them know I ain’t buying.

Steer Manure




the reassuring hum of bees

My apricot tree in full bloom and humming with bees. Watch a one-minute video here.



Girlfriends Wanted

Clearly spring has sprung

Reblog from eMORFIS–Food Art!

Lee Samantha is a Malaysian mother and Food Artist who creates whimsical, colorful and healthy meals for her two young daughters. She started turning food into fun and unique artworks to help her eldest daughter eat independently and healthily back in 2008 and started posting on Instagram in 2011. WEBSITE – INSTAGRAM

via Imaginative food artworks by Samantha Lee — e MORFES

Happy 2017

Stand tall. Keep all your colours close by.



Eternity in Blue