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portrait of the artist

Here’s a link to a great article on Brain Pickings about artists and writers, which likens the making of art to a form of prayer. Unfortunately, praying to my memory will not produce this Mexican artist’s name. Anybody know, please fill me in. :)

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dumpster redux



The murals of Diego Rivera

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Excerpts from Diego Rivera’s massive murals in the National Palace of Mexico in Mexico City, this one obviously depicting the onslaught of degradation brought about by the arrival of Cortes.

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This one, if memory serves, depicts the rise of the age of mechanization, symbolized by the dark hands rising–with an ominous centrality–amid everyday life.

A silk-screen reproduction of the painting below hangs in my home (the winged serpent Quezalcoatl on the left). Its message of power, surrender, sacrifice, acceptance and transcendence always moves me.

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For 25+ years I have carried in my wallet a well-worn piece of paper on which I wrote a quote apparently by Quetzalcoatl: You are to wander in and out of strange villages. Perhaps no one will favour you, perhaps none will buy your wares, but do not turn back, do not give up, there is something the Lord of the Universe will assign you.

shot taken in a Chelsea Gallery, NYC, apologies for not having the artist's name

shot taken in a Chelsea gallery, NYC, apologies for not having the artist’s name

leopard sculpture

Night of the Radishes (Noche de Rananos) in Oaxaca, Mexico

Night of the Radishes (Noche de Rabanos) in Oaxaca, Mexico