where did I take these photos?


Ever have those days when you look through your photographs and just can’t remember where the hell you were? Chances are the waterfall is located somewhere between southern Mexico and Honduras…


Coca Cola Corp

In the 80s as I backpacked through Nepal I saw that Coke was being delivered to every remote outpost along the Himalaya trekking route, presumably to service the travelers and hikers. Seeing mountain porters carry crates of glass bottles on their heads made a strong impression. I remember walking into a remote border crossing between Tibet and Nepal and Coke crates were piled high on the floor. We wouldn’t bat an eye now, but then it was surprising. Soon after their advertising jingled: “I’d like to buy the world a Coke and teach it harmony…” Sing that to the impoverished farmers in India who had to sue Coca Cola to get their water back.

In countries with roads, like Mexico, their distribution system was more developed.



A few years back when corporations were all jumping on the environmental bandwagon Coca Cola produced a series of commercials featuring a polar bear and claiming they were donating to the preservation of the Arctic. Their marketing psychology has morphed yet again, I took this photo two days ago in the Vancouver area.

new coke