Morning in the market


Chichicastenango, Guatemala, early 90s



fruit vendors


On the shore of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, early 90s. The thing I love the most about these photos is the sheen on the Mayan man’s forearm and the way it highlights his thick veins ~~ blood as river, body as map.



Mayan girls


These photos were taken in the early 90s. If memory serves, the village was somewhere on the shores of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.


Antigua, Guatemala


My favourite fountain of Central America.


my salad days

photo taken by E.L.

Guatemala, early 90s. Photo taken by E.L. Where do the years go.

Ever sized up the bus driver and decided it would be safest if you sat up front?


Garifuna boys

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Communities of Garifuna people, who are the direct descendants of African slaves, are scattered along the small stretch of Guatemala’s eastern coastline on the Caribbean Sea. Shot was taken in 1991.

sugar cane field


When we travel we often don’t understand what we’re seeing. I took this shot in the early 90s because I simply liked the landscape, and now I find out that the indigenous Mayans in Guatemala are suffering because their arable land has been stolen to produce sugar for foreign markets. Argh, the world is a mess.